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‘Welcoming as an OASPA member’

Published onMar 29, 2022
‘Welcoming as an OASPA member’

The Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA) officially welcomed as a new member, posting an interview with director Jeff Pooley. OASPA asked why we joined the association:

OASPA was on our radar screen from the moment the press was established. Long before we applied for membership, we benefitted from OASPA’s webinars and blog posts. Since joining, we have taken extensive advantage of the organization’s programming, including the 2021 conference. We recognized the important role that OASPA plays in providing a voice for OA publishing and, when appropriate, a platform for civil debate. We also appreciated how OASPA’s membership process would help to vet and legitimate our still-nascent initiative. We are grateful to the way the organization takes organization size, and other factors, into account for membership and other fees.

The full post is available on the OASPA site.

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