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History of Media Studies reaches OACIP funding goal

Published onJun 15, 2022
History of Media Studies reaches OACIP funding goal

Thanks to a generous investment from the Big Ten Academic Alliance, History of Media Studies has reached its $12,500 annual funding goal! The journal won investment pledges from BTAA and nine universities for five years, as part of LYRASIS’s Open Access Community Investment Program (OACIP). OACIP is an exciting example of a mission-aligned funding exchange, whereby libraries and other funders provide direct support to publishers—as a just alternative to author-excluding article charges.

History of Media Studies is a new, no-fee (“diamond”) open access journal, published by HMS is committed to a rigorous set of open access principles predicated on direct support. We are extremely grateful to LYRASIS’s Sharla Lair for creating and shepherding OACIP. The program, now a proven concept, is poised to expand.

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

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