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Published onDec 17, 2022 is charter member of Open Book Collective
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Open Book Collective is thrilled to announce that the press has joined the brand-new Open Book Collective (OBC), as a charter publisher-member. The platform brings together libraries and other funders with nonprofit open-access publishers like—with the aim to sustain an OA monograph ecosystem without book-processing charges (BPCs). The OBC is one of the marquee projects of COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs), the collaborative effort to build out a sustainable infrastructure for scholar-led book publishing. Governed jointly by librarians, publishers, and open publishing service providers, the OBP promises to address the collective action challenges faced by no-fee, born-OA publishers—so that the emerging ecosystem in open access in book publishing might avoid the author-excluding turn to “processing charges” embraced by commercial publishers. may be supported individually, or as part of the ScholarLed package (which includes other like-minded presses with aligned values).

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