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New Book: Franklin Ford Collection

Published onOct 09, 2023
New Book: Franklin Ford Collection is excited to announce the publication of our latest book, Franklin Ford Collection, edited by Dominique Trudel and Juliette De Maeyer.

The American journalist Franklin Ford (1849–1918) is remembered for his ambitious (and stillborn) Thought News periodical, hatched with philosopher John Dewey. The Franklin Ford Collection, curated and introduced by Trudel and De Maeyer, takes in the full shambolic spread of Ford’s thought, across news, politics, education, finance, and society at large. The collection includes nineteen documents—letters, leaflets, editorials, and treatises—with critical annotations from Trudel and De Maeyer. The works, many unpublished or rarely circulated, illustrate the core themes that animated Ford’s career, including his sweeping program of press reform and his thoughts on the interconnected flows of money, transportation, and communication.

The book is available online, and as a free download in PDF and ePub. A paperback version is also available

Franklin Ford Collection appears in the Public Domain Series series. Scholars interested in proposing volumes in this or other series are encouraged to reach out with a query.

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