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Published onFeb 15, 2024 Welcomes University of York Library as an OBC Subscriber is thrilled to announce that University of York Library has subscribed to our collective funding package at the Open Book Collective (OBC). University of York Library joins our other OBC subscribers, who support our commitment to publish open access books regardless of any author(s)’ ability to pay.

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Our aim is to demonstrate, on a small scale, an open-access publishing model supported by libraries and other funders, rather than author fees. We believe that open access for readers should not be traded for new barriers to authorship. The Open Book Collective’s innovative collective funding model is an indispensable pillar of our mission-driven publishing program, dedicated to scaling small and to bibliodiversity. We are deeply grateful to University of York Library for supporting this vision.

OBC subscriptions to may be made on an individual basis, or as part of the ScholarLed Package, which includes the six publishers that make up the ScholarLed consortium. logo is an open-access publisher for the media and communication studies fields. Launched in 2019, the press is nonprofit and scholar-led. We publish living works, with iterative updates stitched into our process. And we encourage multi-modal submissions that reflect the mediated environments our authors study. 

We are deeply grateful for the University of York Library’s support.

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