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Style -

Published onSep 08, 2021
Style -

New monographs, new introductions to reprints, and articles in History of Media Studies all follow the Chicago Manual of Style 17th, with the notes & bibliography citation style.

House Style

Any style and usage rules are listed here.

  • (1) Links and (2) full-article or full-chapter page ranges appear only in the Bibliography (as opposed to Notes)

  • Full author names are listed for each bibliography item, even in the cases of repeat names (so no “—.”)

  • Full-length HMS articles should include an abstract, generally of 200 words or fewer

  • In the case of foreign language words and book titles, we general italicize.

  • For websites, when citing a specific passage on second reference, include “para. 3”

  • Label words in an article or book (e.g., chapter or figure), should generally be lower-case. E.g., “see figure 2”

  • For figure captions, use sentence case and a period instead of a colon after the label, with a period at the end (e.g., Figure 1. A typology of media theories.)

  • For table titles, use title case and a period instead of a colon after the label, with no period at the end (e.g., Table 1. A Typology of Media Theories [no period])

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